the identity of the pupils


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In the following context where "the identity of the pupils" is discussed?

"Milgram's experimental set-up involved placing the teacher-subject before a panel of thirty switches with labels ranging from '15 volts of electricity (slight shock)' to '450 volts (danger - severe shock)' in steps of 15 volts each. The teacher-subject was told that whenever the pupil gave the wrong answer to a question, a shock was to be administered, beginning at the lowest level and increasing in severity with each successive wrong answer. The supposed 'pupil' was in reality an actor hired by Milgram to simulate receiving the shocks by emitting a spectrum of groans, screams and writhings together with an assortment of statements and expletives denouncing both the experiment and the experimenter. Milgram told the teacher-subject to ignore the reactions of the pupil, and to administer whatever level of shock was called for, as per the rule governing the experimental situation of the moment."

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    I do not find any sentences discussing "the identity of the pupils", although the test using this text says "the identity of the pupils" is discussed!!!
    I was wondering if you would mind letting me know which sentence discusses the identity of the pupils.


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    If you want to know the identity of the pupil, it is this: The suppos ed 'pupil' was in reality an actor hired by Milgram ...
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