the increasing volume of _______ ??


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It is a great place to live apart from the increasing volume of ____ that passes under my window everyday.

A. transport
B. traffic
C. vehicles
D. circulation

Which one is correct ?

I guess B; I think it may be a fixed match that is used to describe a heavy traffic condition;

However I am not 100 percent sure with my answer. 'transport' seems sensible as well; I just google different phrases and think choosing B looks more reasonable.

Please give a detailed explanation on this subject, thanks !
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    I think B fits best and I agree with the definition you've given. "Transport" is too broad for me, and can include boats and trains and aircraft. "Traffic" is just right for is anything on the roads that's keeping you awake: cars, buses, taxis, trucks, trams and the like.

    I would put a comma after "like" and make "everyday" two words: every day.
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