The influence of Bhojpuri on Urdu/Hindi/Hindustani

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    Has anyone researched into this? My family are Urdu speaking, originally from western Bihar. Recently, I was shocked (exaggeration) to find out that some words we use are not standard Urdu/Hindi. For example, for the word 'kiss' we use 'muchi' which apparently is a Bihari word (not sure if it's Bhojpuri exactly). The standard word in Urdu for kiss on the other hand is 'bosa' or so I've been told.

    Just an interesting point into my own family linguistics.
  2. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    Banu-Hashim SaaHib, aadaab 3arz hai.

    Hopefully members of the forum such as BelligerentPacifist and Faylasoof SaaHibaan, with their local knowledge of the area, may come forward to assist you with your enquiry but in the mean time I would like to say this much. "bosah" is only one of several words for a kiss in Urdu and machchhii is also one of them. Try looking it up in a respectable Urdu dictionary.

    lab vuh aise kih jaan de diijiye
    dahan aisaa kih machchhiyaaN liijiye

    Nawab Mirza Shauq Lakhnavi

    paR ga'e lene ke dene to mazah aa jaa'e gaa
    maiN yih kah kar us ke muNh kii machchhiyaaN lene lagaa

    Ram Narayan Mushtaq Lakhnavi
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    Ahh, bahot shukriya Janab Qureshpor!

    I tried typing muchchi into google translate lol and got nothing... Is it an unusual/uncommon word to use for the word 'kiss'? And how would you spell it in Nasta'liq? مچی ?
  4. Alfaaz Senior Member

    Here is a dictionary entry from Platts:
    Seems very similar to this word for "fish":
  5. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    Indeed both words are identical in appearance but not so in meaning. A Homosapien normally takes a "machchhii" out of water whereas a "machchhii" can only take a "machchhii" in water!:)
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    ^ Haha. Poor fish! First it lost exclusive claim on maahii and now on machchhii, all in about 24 hours :)

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