the intellectual effete

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I am stuck when translating the following sentence into Chinese:
Half-baked ideas that might seem too big even for the naïfs at TED Conferences—that Woodstock of the intellectual effete—sit rather comfortably on Silicon Valley’s business plans.
There's no problem with the structure, but I wonder exactly what the phrase "the intellectual effete" means, or, how clever/stupid are the said group of people (according to the author)?
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  • It's a play on words. One expects "intellectual elite" to be at a conference.
    The writer, however, thinks they are, in this case, washed-up, low-quality "intellectuals." He's saying they
    are 'effete', defined my M-W online, as a : having lost character, vitality, or strength. The writer
    appears to have the right-wing view that intellectuals, especially progressive ones, lack intellectual
    strength (especially in dealing with the real world) and character, if not manhood.
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