the [interpreter] made me so mad

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The quotation comes from

Quotation: “It was like junior high debating,” Mr. Bush complained later to Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair, according to notes of the conversation. Mr. Putin kept throwing Mr. Bush’s arguments back at him. “I sat there for an hour and 45 minutes and it went on and on,” Mr. Bush said. “At one point, the interpreter made me so mad that I nearly reached over the table and slapped the hell out of the guy.”
Hi everyone! I'm unsure of the meaning "interpreter". Does it mean "Mr. Putin"?

Mr. Bush argued in English, and then Mr. Putin threw his arguments back at him in Russian, as if he had been translating orally from English into Russian.
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    There must have been a third man present, an interpreter who spoke both Russian and English, translating Bush and Putin's conversation so each could be fully understood by the other.
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