The job vacancy (posted/advertised)


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Hello :)

Which verb do you use for a job vacancy?

"The job vacancy (posted/advertised)"

  • Cagey

    post mod (English Only / Latin)
    English - US
    It depends on where the vacancy was announced. Was in a newspaper, on a website, or somewhere else?

    Possibly there will be a difference depending on the variety of English spoken. Where is the job located?


    American English
    In American English, job vacancies are "advertised" in print media, especially newspapers, but one could use the term for professional journals or other sources printed in ink on paper. Besides being "posted" on Internet sites, one could "post" a job vacancy announcement on an actual, physical bulletin board, such as at an unemployment office. One could also "advertise" a job vacancy on a Web site. I don't know what you'd do to it on something like Facebook, which has a lot of specific terminology (like "friend" as a transitive verb).
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