(the) key points in the city

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So in August, he [General Kornilov] ordered his men to march on Petrograd, to 'restore order'. Bolsheviks played a leading role in the city's defence against this attempted military coup. Their most brilliant organiser, Leon Trotsky, was released from prison, and sent armed Bolshevik militias, the 'Red Guards', to defend key points in the city.
Epic History: The Russian Revolution, YouTube video

The absence of the definite article here seems odd to me, because I imagine he would have wanted to defend all the key points. There must have been specific key points in the city, all of which needed to be defended.
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    In this context, the exact list of key points doesn't matter. In fact, there is no official list. Different people would probably disagree on whether a particular school, square or road junction is a "key point." What is important is his overall action: to send the Red Guards to defend the points that Trotsky, at that time, thought were most important.
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