The killer was slick.


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The killer was slick. (Dead Zone by King)

Hi. Could you please tell me what the word "slick" means here? It is the first sentence of the Chapter 4. I know it can't be like "slippery as a fish". Does it mean he is clever? Or are there any good synonyms?
  • In addition to cleverness and deception, they are smooth operators. They have surface appeal, they're superficial, glib (loose-tongued), and agile, often physically and mentally. They're slippery, evasive. You can't pin them down, but they're good at trapping you. They're expert escape artists, and they use camouflage very effectively. If you've ever known or (especially) been the victim of a man like this (and they much more often are men), you never forget it. When you wake up from the spell they have over you, it's a rude awakening.