The lad wrote it out <himself>...

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I'm very confused, someone help please.

I can't understand a part of a novel , that is , ; ' Honest. The lad wrote it out himself down in the cells, while we were snowed up. Out it all came , every word, and we never so much as nudged him, sir'. -- quoted from Ann Fine, Poor, Poor Cordelia, Very Different, page121.

I want to ask the meaning of underlined part in bold. What does the phrase mean? Does it mean the same as The lad wrote it(=light reading) out by himself ?
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    From our dictionary
    write out:
    to write in full:
    Write out the entire sentence.[~ + out + object]
    Write your full name out.[~ + object + out]

    I can't see enough of the book online for context that would make the sentence clear. The person being addressed must be surprised and doubtful about what he is being shown. He is being assured that "the lad" (and no one else) wrote it.
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