The last one to arrive

The last one ____ pays the meal
A. arrived
B. arrives
C. to arrive
D. arriving
Answer C

What does The last one to arrive mean here? I was taught it means the last one who arrived (has arrived).Maybe the phrase has several meanings?

Thanks in advance.
  • JamesM

    Senior Member
    It can be an agreement about a future event, but not a past one, that I can see.

    "We're having a problem with punctuality at our happy hour get-togethers, so we've implemented a new rule. The last one to arrive pays for everyone's drinks."

    This means that the last person who arrives at the next happy hour will have to pay for all the drinks. I can't think of where you could say "pays for the meal" ("for" is missing in your example) and have it refer to a past event.