The lawyer got the charges dismissed.

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U.S., english
El abogado ______________ los cargos desechados/retirados (?)

I have no idea about the "got" part, and I want it to sound perfect. Necesito ayuda. Muchas gracias.
  • GringaGuapa

    USA - english
    You probably want to change the sentence a little so it makes more sense in spanish. Maybe say "the lawyer had success with dismissing the charges" el abogado tenia exito con desechando los cargos"

    Joao Paulo

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    Argentina; español
    Colfax, hi
    I would go with "El abogado consiguió/logró que se retiraran los cargos".

    That's the proper translation (imho) for "the get part" in this kind of structures.
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