The lens that are capable of changing colors in different environments


I have a friend who bought a pair of glasses whose lens are capable of changing colors in different environments. For example, they become black in the bright sun.

Does the above sound right? Correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.
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    I think your sentences are fine, JGM, with the change of "lens" to "lenses".

    A shorter version would be "My friend bought a pair of glasses with photocromic lenses".


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    My only concern would be "changing colors". The lenses aren't green indoors and blue outdoors, or brown indoors and purple outdoors. Somehow "changing colors" makes me think of a variety of colors rather than a lighter/darker difference because of tinting.


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    I agree with James M. The lenses do not "change color"; they "change" or "adjust". It also is not "different environments" that makes them adjust, but different lighting conditions. I would tend to say "They become darker in bright light."
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