The less there is, the more expensive it becomes

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Is there any good way or idiomatic way to say such a sentence in German?

"The less there is, the more expensive it becomes" ("The less...., the more...")

Thank you very much in advance:)

  • elroy

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    Je weniger es gibt, desto teurer wird es.

    The structure is "je...desto."

    Important: The verb comes at the end of the "je" clause, but right after the adjective in the "desto" clause.

    Je weniger es in diesem Supermarkt gibt, desto teurer wird es für die Kunden.


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    the translation is:
    Je weniger es gibt, desto/umso teurer wird es.

    I don't know a proverb with that meaning.

    the less ..., the more ... = je weniger ..., desto/umso mehr ...
    In this case, however, more expensive has to be translated with teurer which is the comparative degree of teuer. You can't say desto mehr teuer wird es. :cross:
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