the lesser celandine

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chong lee

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The quote is from the story "For The Duration Of The War" by H. H. Munro.

What does it mean "lesser" there ; thank you.

The birds that hopped across his lawn hopped across it as though it were their lawn, and not his, and gave him plainly to understand that in their eyes he was infinitely less interesting than a garden worm or the rectory cat. The hedgeside and meadow flowers were equally uninspiring; the lesser celandine seemed particularly unworthy of the attention that English poets had bestowed on it, and the Rector knew that he would be utterly miserable if left alone for a quarter of an hour in its company.
  • PaulQ

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    "Lesser" in its biological meaning, usually means "smaller" (or smaller in some aspect) but it forms part of the name of the plant or animal. It also has the nuance of "less spectacular" and hence, here, "boring" or "plain".)
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