The meaning of "challenge"

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  1. casino Senior Member

    In Japanese, the verb "challenge" is used to refer to "try", as in:

    (1) I am going to challenge something new. (a literal translation from Japanese)

    I know this is wrong. My question is: What is the basic meanng of the verb "challenge" in English?

  2. Gwan Senior Member

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    It can mean contest (verb)as in "I challenge that decision" - I do not agree with the decision and I want it to be reviewed or action to be taken to change the decision.

    It can also be used as in "I challenge you to a fight" - I propose that we fight (with the implication that it is a risky/dangerous undertaking and that the other person will 'lose face' if they don't agree to the challenge).

    There are very probably other shades of meaning as well, but it would not be used as a synonym for try, as in your example above.

    Hope that helps :)
  3. katie_here Senior Member

    it can also mean when something is difficult, or an effort as in "Climbing that mountain is challenging", or It's a challenge to climb that mountain.
  4. casino Senior Member

    Thank you.

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