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What is the meaning of "drive" in the following context? "The site, which began in 2006 as a lab to figure out what people share online, has used what it's learned to draw 60 million monthly unique visitors, according to BuzzFeed. (Most of that traffic comes from social-networking sites, driving readers toward BuzzFeed's mix of cute animal photos and hard news.)" Thank you!​
  • I would say it's not unlike 'driving cattle.' It means impelling or pushing people in a particular direction. The lure of cute picture might 'drive' people in the direction of the sites mentioned.

    M-W unabr:
    : to impart an onward or forward motion to by expenditure of physical force : [...] <the trade winds drive the equatorial currents>

    1c : to urge along (as cattle) guiding and often goading <cowboys drove herds north>
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    Pick on of the first two definitions in our dictionary: drive:
    1. to push, propel, or be pushed or propelled
    2. to control and guide the movement of (a vehicle, draught animal, etc): to drive a car

    I've bolded the relevant definitions. The readers are being driven (like cattle) toward BuzzFeed.


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    I don't think it necessarily has to do with cattle.

    It just means that readers are being steered toward something.

    EDIT: As an example, I'm driven by the budding of magnolias.
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