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Dear folks,

I am reading a technical book, but couldn't understand this sentence:

"For you enlightened ones, here’s the point in the book where we recommendyou sit down—ideally propped up on each side by a pile of framework
references and 1,000-page Made Easy books."

What does the "prop up on each side" mean here?
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    In this context it seems they are saying to "surround yourself" as to be in your reach. Sounds like you'll need reference books nearby to help support your understanding of the technical aspects in the book.

    Propped up, typically means to raise and/or support (often as a temporary means or as an afterthought) from falling or to stay upright. To support upright. or just "to support"

    She propped up the old man with a couple of blankets to his back to help keep him sitting up. (help remain upright)
    The Congress propped up their reason for tax hikes with stacks of statistics and graphs. (not literally, but as supporting evidence)
    I was feeling depressed, but all of your praise has really propped up my spirits. (raised, improved)
    He propped up the canvas unto the easel and secured with tape before setting out to paint his masterpiece.


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    "Prop up" is in our dictionary here. All you have to do is enter a word or term in the text box at the top of the page

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    prop /prɒp/vb (props, propping, propped)
    when tr, often followed by up:
    • (transitive) to support with a rigid object, such as a stick
    • (transitive) usually also followed by against: to place or lean
    • (transitive) to sustain or support

    When you do that, you will also be rewarded with links to similar previous discussions, such as:

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    Thanks a lot, my friends! Now I understand the author might feel it too boring to directly say "boring"...

    Next time I'll first look up WR directory before asking :)
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