the meaning of 'times': multiplication or addition/subtraction

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Judy can jump rope 50 times.
Bill can jump rope 150 times.
He can jump rope 3 times more than Judy does.

In the last sentence, 'times' means 'multiplication.
I wonder if this following sentence is possible in the above context:

He can jump rope 100 times(150-50) more than Judy does.
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  • entangledbank

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    I think the multiplication sense is too strong. It would be confusing to use it for an addition like that. There ought to be a way of saying that using 'times', but I can't think of a clear way of saying it.


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    I think "He can jump rope 100 more times than Judy" might work, but as ETB says, when we see "times" in a sentence with numbers, our brains immediately jump to multiplication.
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