The meaning of "venom rush" or nusha

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Linh Ngo

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I'm a new member. This is my first time posting in this forum. I have a few questions.

In this sentence:

I think he's after the nusha. Now, the nusha means the high. Whenever he eats the pit viper he gets this little venom rush.

The context is a king cobra eating a pit viper. 'He' here is the king cobra.

What does 'venom rush' mean? I have looked in the dictionary for possible meanings of 'rush' in this sentence but I still don't understand the sentence. 'nusha' seems to be a non-English word. Does anybody know what it means?

Thanks in advance for all your answers.
  • The Newt

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    A "venom rush" would be something like the rush (sudden surge) that you would get from taking a psychoactive drug. In this case the viper's toxins would create a momentary "high." "Nusha" I'm not familiar with.

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    Welcome to the forum :)

    The meaning of 'rush' in this sentence is in our WR Dictionary: the intense feeling experienced from the early moments after taking a drug.

    So it appears that the king cobra experiences something similar to what a human might experience when taking a drug.


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    Welcome to the forum, Linh Ngo. We are happy to have you here. :)

    Please remember to tell us the source of the sentences you quote. Where did you find your sentence?
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