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Hello! I wonder how correct is to say 1) "the Miss Universe" for example, using the word "the" before, I think it can be used but I think it is more propper to say "Miss Universe" without "the", under what circunstances can "the Miss Universe"? What's the difference between saying one or other?

Is it possible to use "the" with people's names? for instance "the Miss Smith" I guess this is weird.

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    If you use a 'the' in these contexts, then the title (miss universe) becomes adjectival.

    The 'Miss Universe' contest was a trial by ordeal. Miss Smith eventually prevailed, and once hosed down, was crowned Miss Universe 2112.

    The 'Miss Smith' lookalike contest was won for the third year in a row by Miss Smith.


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    It's also possible with an adjective in between 'the' and 'miss'. e.g. "The former Miss Universe, Lorraine Downes, lives in New Zealand"*

    Something like "Lady Mosley (the ex-Miss Mitford)..." would be just about possible too.

    EDIT : And I've just seen the thread on "the three pretty Miss Fezziwigs", which offers another example of the + adjective + miss + name

    *I think a New Zealander won Miss Universe only once and we're still going on about it.
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    The same rules about the use of the with proper nouns apply when you use it with 'Miss Smith' etc.

    Are you the John/Miss Smith from down the road?
    The young Margaret Thatcher/Miss Smith could turn a few heads.
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