The more our overworking takes over,the more we make Scrooge


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I was listening to a tape talking about some psychology tips and the way we make or ruin our life. Could anyone please paraphrase this sentence for me? I do understand the meaning of "stand-up comic", but I cannot understand the relationship between working hard and becoming Srcooge like a comedian!!

The more our overworking takes over, the more we make Scrooge look like a stand-up comic. Indeed, instead of being healers we have become heels, helas without souls.
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    Are you aware of who Scrooge is as a character? He is a very famous character from a novel, A Christmas Carol.

    Knowledge of this character will help you understand the entry you've provided. :)


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    It is a way of making a point.
    Scrooge is known as a very stingy and cruel man, a man who valued money over everything and didn't care about people's suffering. In some ways you might say Scrooge is the opposite of a stand-up comic -- a funny man.

    The author says that when we overwork, we become so much worse than Scrooge that by comparison Scrooge looks like a stand-up comic.
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