The most lavish costume fete ever seen in New York


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The New York Philharmonic Orchestra played, and one of his girlfriends, the dancer Ruth St. Denis, wearing a microskirt, did an Indian hatchet dance to music specially written by Thomas Steinway. The New York Times called it "The most lavish costume fete ever seen in New York."

Does the comment criticize the show? I wonder whether the words "lavish" and "fete" show disapproval.
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    I see no disapproval in the comment in this context. "Lavish" is neutral in value in terms of describing a show. A lavish show is just one type of show. "Fete" is also neutral.

    You may have come across "lavish" being used in a disapproving way when something is used wastefully, but in itself the word is not disapproving.
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