...the MP3-player will be in a special offer

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    I would like to say : "Next week I shall go to the department store in order to buy it, because the MP3-player will be in a special offer."

    Here is my attempt:

    "Nächste Woche will ich zum Kaufhaus gehen um er zu kaufen, weil den MP3-Spieler im Sonderangebot sein werde."

    My primary focus is on the grammar, so any help as to whether this is right or not would be appreciated.

  2. Dan2

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    English (US)
    I think the two most glaring errors are "er" and "den". Would you like to reconsider your choice of case for these two words (as well as why you chose "werde") before people say more?
  3. Demiurg

    Demiurg Senior Member

    I think it's a bit strange to use a personal pronoun (it) before the noun it refers to (MP3-player), at least in everyday speech.
  4. Indabob New Member

    I think the MP3 - should be in the nominitive as it is the subject of the suboordinate clause. So... : "weil, der MP3 spieler..."

    However I still do not understand why "er" is wrong.

    I appreciate the help. :)
  5. Indabob New Member

    Is there a way of using an impersonal pronoun?
  6. Dan2

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    The same is true for English... unless there's a sentence preceding this one, like "This is a great mp3-player!". EDIT: Or maybe you were making a statement about English.:)

    Suppose you were buying a (male) person. Would you say "in order to buy he"?
  7. Konanen

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    Turkish; German
    How you wrote it, I would translate it as:
    Next week, I will want to go to the department store in order to buy he, because the (your version: ACCUSATIVE!) MP3-player in a special offer I will be.

    "Ich will tun" is quite outdated (as "I shall do" is), so I'd rather say: " Nächste Woche werde ich... " or just plain "Nächste Woche gehe ich...", because the Futur I is not obligatory in German, if you have a date-marker (Nächste Woche, morgen, später,...)

    Further, I would first mention "MP3-Spieler" (also, in English) and then substitute the aforementioned with "er", thus:

    "Nächste Woche gehe ich zum Kaufhaus, um (mir) einen MP3-Spieler (also: MP3-Player) zu kaufen, weil er im (Sonder-)Angebot sein wird."
  8. Dan2

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    English (US)
    It occurs to me that 4 separate problems...
    - "er" in an acc environment
    - "den Spieler" in a nom environment
    - Demi's point about the pronoun preceding the noun
    - Konanen's point about German "ich will" not being a good translation for Eng "I shall"
    can all be explained if the OP is doing an exercise in which he was given,
    "Nächste Woche will ich zum Kaufhaus gehen um ________ zu kaufen, weil ________ im Sonderangebot sein werde."
    and was asked to fill in the blanks from a list containing "er" and "den mp3-Spieler". Then he would have reversed the placement of these two words/phrases, and mistranslated German "will" (which most commonly means "want"). (It would also explain the English "will be in a special offer" (which I find unidiomatic) as the OP's back-translation of the German.) I don't know that this is true, but it's interesting that a simple reversal of "er" and "den Spieler" can immediately solve three problems.

    "werde" is the Konjunktiv (often called subjunctive in English) of "wird". I asked why the OP chose it, because it seemed unlikely to me that someone who wrote "um er zu kaufen" would be at the point of willingly choosing a Konjunktiv; more likely it would be an incorrect choice in the indicative conjugation of "werden" ("ich werde" vs "er wird").

    @Konanen: I think it's more valuable to a learner to point out where errors were made and let them go thru the process of figuring out how to correct the errors than to "give them the answer". Hence my "sparing" reply in post #2. I realize you too are just trying to be helpful, from a different perspective.
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