"The nazis down the road"

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"The nazis down the road
So if you coming up the street "

This is the start of the song "One step beyond" by Madness.

What is the sense of "down the road" ?

What i do not understand is the construction of the sentence. Are there words missing ?

On the second rime a "if you are coming" is missing !
Or did i completely misheard the lyrics ?
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    I can think of two ways to understand the first line. Without more context, I can not say which is correct, or whether either is.

    The second line appears be a in a dialect, but again, I can't be certain without more context. If this is in dialect, it will influence how we understand it.

    Please provide more context. You are permitted to post up to four lines of lyric, and a link to the song, if you have one. Information about the group and their musical style could be helpful as well.


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    I think you may have misheard the lyrics. Here's what metrolyrics said:
    "...This is the heavy heavy monster sound
    The nuttiest sound around
    So if you've come in off the street
    And you're beginning to feel the heat..."
    "The nuttiest sound around" (nutty meaning the crazy) is probably what you heard as "The nazis down the road." :D
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