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agustina bsas

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Argentina - Spanish
I need to understand this sentence in order to be able to translate it:

"The company’s goal is to bring technology to the next billion of the world’s people by 2015."

It is about a project Microsoft has launched to help communities around the world.
What do you understand it means? Does it mean that by 2015, the company would like to be able to have helped one billion people?
If you could paraphrase it, I would really appreciate it.
  • Michel09

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    français - France
    In my opinion, it means that Microsoft's goal is to bring access to technology to another billion people. In 2006, there were one billion people in the world that had access to computers. Thus, they want to bring computer access to another one billion people by 2015.

    I hope that helps. :)

    [Source for number of people with computer access:]
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