The next song I write [Future]

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hello. In a parody by Bart Baker of Taylor Swift's "i knew you were trouble " there is a line "
So I used, my stalker app.
To track down, all of those pricks.
The next song I write I'll use, their blood as my ink! Hey!"

Why is it "I write " not "I'll write " ? Writing will happen in the future.....
  • owlman5

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    Hello. Maybe Baker wanted to avoid using I'll twice in a short phrase*: The next song I'll write I'll use their blood as my ink! Hey!

    *Of course this is pure speculation. Most of the comments that forum members can make about songwriters' reasons for choosing words or phrases are highly speculative.
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    Totally normal casual usage for a future activity that is highly likely or planned

    The next truck I buy will be a Ford F250.

    The next apartment I rent will have a balcony.


    Hans in Texas

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    It seems to be a standard pattern to describe a future sequence using present tense in the subordinate clause, then future tense in the main clause. Usually we see a conjunction when/whenever/if/every time etc introducing the subordinate clause. When I see you next month, I’ll buy you a beer. In your example, the phrase (in) the next song serves as the “anchor” corresponding to when/whenever etc to introduce the present tense component.
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