the ninety-eighth way

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t k

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At times when he is restless he has a bad habit of spending an evening with his bachelor friends.
Bachelor Folklore: The only thing I got against marriage is people are just too disinteresting to be forced to spend their lives together.
Brown: You don't know what you're sayin'. Wait'll it's there for you, nice and steady, an' not worryin' about gettin' caught. The thing to do with women is to try it. . .
Folklore (dirty jokes): Sacrebleu, the ninety-eighth way.
(from The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer; a larger context is here; use ctrl-f to locate the sentence)

Please explain "the ninety-eighth way". Thanks. --- tk
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    A Frenchman says "There are 97 ways to have sex." (Though probably not in such a delicate fashion :D) The person he is speaking to doubts that there are so many. The Frenchman suggests that they count the ways.

    The other person says "Okay. The first is [describes the missionary position]."

    The Frenchman responds....
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