the North of..., the South of...(capital letters)

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  1. Mayoide Senior Member

    ¿Sería incorrecto poner los puntos cardinales con mayúscula?
    the North of Spain
    the South of France

  2. Kerena

    Kerena Senior Member

    Cali, Colombia
    Los puntos cardinales en inglés se escriben con mayúscula, como en los ejemplos que has citado.

    "...the cardinal points north, south, east and west, when they are used to distinguish regions of a country are capitals; as, "The North fought against the South." How to Speak and Write Correctly
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  3. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    I agree with the quote you have given, but you have misunderstood it. "The North" refers to a name of a region, and is therefore a proper noun and must be capitalized. However, "the north of X country" is not always a proper noun. It can be in some cases, and I think "the South of France" is one of those. But in "the north of Canada," for example, there is no proper noun, so there is no need for capitalization.
  4. Kerena

    Kerena Senior Member

    Cali, Colombia
    I said:
    And for that added the quote. North of Sapin and South of France are names of regions. But anyway, I appreciate your clarification.
  5. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    To me, "the north of Spain" is not the name of a region, and is just a descriptive phrase. Of course, that determination may be subjective.

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