the Ocean breathed a sigh of winter

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In places, the ice grew, and the shallower seas began to sink.
But the Ocean’s vote was all important, and it was not in yet.
The Earth turned. Men still struggled, here and there.
And the Ocean breathed a sigh of winter.--from David Brin <the postman>
Does the last phrase mean the winter will soon past and the spring will come? many thanks.
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    I think that it actually means that the Ocean is announcing the arrival of winter, which is just starting. If you note in the first line, there is the phrase "the ice grew" - this indicates the beginning of winter, not the end of it. In fact, it seems to me that in this case, the writer might even be talking about the beginning of an ice age - a very prolonged winter!


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    The Postman is post-apocalyptic science fiction.
    This text appears near the beginning and follows a general description of dust, darkness, climate cooling and so on.
    At this point, the Ocean is agreeing that it is, indeed, winter - in the sense of a general ongoing cooling of the world.
    Winter for how long?
    We don't know, but there appears little hope of respite.
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