the old car 'coming' noisily. [verb or noun?]

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I have a question in the sentence

"The birds flew when they heard the old car coming noisily."

So my question: is "coming" a verb or a noun?
If its a verb, where is the be verb? And
if its a noun, why is it followed by an adverb?

Is this not a grammatically correct sentence?

Thank you very much!


  • WildWest

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    As I know, it's related to the participles. With some verbs (notice, feel, hear, see etc.), you can use this form.

    "He saw her going to home."
    "I heard someone singing in the room."
    "She notice someone stepping in."

    And there is an omitted "which is" in the sentence.

    "The birds flew when they heard the old car which is coming noisily."
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