the old road rocket down Twisty Hollow Canyon


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What does the bolded expression below mean?
Slow down to give yourself more time to think about each of the actions. For example, if you know you can stuff the old road rocket down Twisty Hollow Canyon at 50 mph, slow down to 35 and concentrate on doing the right actions at the right location and the right time.
Source: Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough.

I guess that Twisty Holllow Canyon is a descriptive name of the twisty and hallow (?) Canyon road. The most confusing word is rocket.

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    "road rocket" = motorcycle (I suppose it could be any sort of fast vehicle, but the piece is about motorcycles specifically).
    "Twisty Hollow" is the name of the canyon. We don't know if there is a Twisty Hollow Canyon road, but it seems likely as it doesn't sound like a good place to go 50mph without a road. In this sort of context, "hollow" is most likely the noun "a shallow valley."
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