The older shortening of (Early Modern English) seems to be (EModE) when was it coined?

Levia Van Kales

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“EModE“ seems to stand out moreso than the later abreovations like “EME”. Where did “EModE” come from, what is it’s history, and why was it chosen over “EME”
  • Modern English is abbreviated ModE because ME is the established abbreviation for Middle English.
    Thanks. Interesting that (even though the bemuddlingness with “Early Middle English”) many on the EModE wiki talk leaf seem wont to brook “EME” rather than the much better “EModE” Shortening. Almost seems as if something untoward is making the aforesaid individuals choose “EME” over the clearer, friendlier and older(?) “EModE” shortening for “Early Modern English”. Again, I wonder when and by whom “EModE” was coined? and surely academics/linguists their writings should never choose “EME” over “EModE” for “Early Modern English”.