the opposite of earthquake-resistant?


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Hello! I was wondering what we could use for the opposite of earthquake-resistant as in earth-quake resistant building?

Thank you
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    Earthquake-prone was the first term that occurred to me, but that's not right – it would suggest the building is prone to earthquakes. So my thought of the moment is "earthquake-susceptible."


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    Student vocabulary exercises seem to give people the impression that every word has a natural "opposite" (and every sentence has a tag question, every sentence can be made passive, etc.) What idea would "the opposite of earthquake-resistant" express? An earthquake resistant building is intentionally constructed to withstand an earthquake. Do you want a word for a building building that is purposely built so that it will fall down in an earthquake? Or do you just mean a normal building (a non-earthquake resistant building, a building whose earthquake status is unknown because it wasn't specially built)?


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    Earthquake-irresistible? :) No, perhaps instead of trying to invent a clever new term, it may be better to keep it simple and just say "not earthquake-resistant".