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    Hi! The Urban Dictionary says “Chachi” is from the sitcom “Happy Days", where there is a character named “Chachi Arcola”. I read about "Happy Days" at Wikipedia, and I did not see how this term “Chachi” is related to the character in Happy Days. Is it because the character “Chachi Arcola” is always over-fashionably dressed and acts as if he is very cool, smart and stylish in "Happy Days"? [I have never seen this show, just a guess.]

    Do you know why “Chachi” is used to describe someone who thinks he/she is a bit too cool?


    Peter: Sorry, Walter. Better luck next time.

    Astrid: Anyone ready for lunch? [Astrid walks into the lab and sees Peter standing there with the missing sleeves – Peter cut off his own sleeves with scissors during the hypnagogic trance.] [to Peter] What's up, Chachi?
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    Chachi usually wore sleeveless shirts like that. I don't think it means anything more than that it reminds her of the Happy Days character.

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