The Origin of "Slang"

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    Hi, everybody! The word slang has no known origin, according to the free online dictionary. Please see here:

    Furthermore, it evidently has no other meaning than the one generally known and given in the same reference.

    I suppose we might safely say the word itself constitutes a slang, except, it is so commonly used and yet is so unique, one may just as safely say it isn't a slang. Also, it is possible that someone somewhere can divulge information about the roots of this word. How would the native speakers choose to classify the word 'slang' as?

    Thank you!
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    I disagree with your conclusion that a word must be considered slang if its origin is unknown and its meaning is "limited to the one generally known" and defined in a dictionary.
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    You might try the Online Etymology Dictionary, if you haven't already, Colognial. It goes into more depth than the Free Dictionary.

    It is interesting that the word's origins are a bit murky, but that's not uncommon in English. There are so many possible root languages and words are often (though not always) changed pretty drastically from the root words. If we let every etymological mystery bother us, we'd spend a lot of time being bothered.
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    Thank you both! I learned quite a bit about the word through the Online Etymology Dictionary, even though the origin remained somewhat obscure. I'll just quote a bit from this particular entry for anyone who might be interested.
    slang (n.) [​IMG]
    1756, "special vocabulary of tramps or thieves," later "jargon of a particular profession" (1801), of uncertain origin, the usual guess being that it is from a Scandinavian source, cf. Norwegian slengenamn "nickname," slengja kjeften "to abuse with words,"...
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    I see, yes, you're quite right, sorry, and thanks!

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