the origin of the cosmos in Genesis


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I read an article:

Gary Gutting: Could you begin by noting aspects of recent scientific cosmology that are particularly relevant to theological questions?
Tim Maudlin: That depends on the given theological account. The biblical account of the origin of the cosmos in Genesis, for example, posits that a god created the physical universe particularly with human beings in mind, and so unsurprisingly placed the Earth at the center of creation.
So if my understanding is correct, this 'Genesis' is one chapter in Bible? (Which I found there's one chapter in Bible)

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    Genesis is the first book of the Bible. It relates how the earth (or the cosmos) was created. After that, that book tells us about the first generations of people starting with Adam and Eve, tells how everything was destroyed in a great flood except Noah, his family, and the animals they had with them in a large boat; how Abraham was the first person to believe in one God, how his great-grandson Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt, and how his family joined him there after he had become an adviser to Pharaoh. It has 50 chapters. The story continues with the book of Exodus.


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    So if my understanding is correct, this 'Genesis' is one chapter in Bible?
    Yes, the Bible is 66 books. Genesis is the first book, and was probably written around 3,400 years ago.

    Genesis has 2 separate "origin of the cosmos" stories. The first story is short. The second one is long, and has the story of "Adam" and "Eve" and many later people. The two stories don't interact. There is no explanation for 2 different stories.


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    You can tell it refers to the first book of the Bible because it is capitalised. When it is used more generally, to mean the "birth" - of an idea, for example, it doesn't begin with a capital letter.


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    There is no explanation for 2 different stories.
    No explanation given in the Bible, that is. This is one of several cases where there are two slightly different versions of a story (eg, did Noah take two cattle or seven into the ark?). The explanation that is normally accepted is that two narratives, from different traditions, were combined to make the book of Genesis that we know.
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