The Philippines is a democratic country

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    The Philippines is a democratic country. The people can march to the streets to protest if they have permit from the municipality. There is freedom to speak against the president. Sometimes, when the people do not get a permit to protest against the government, the policemen use firehose to disperse them.

    Now, there is a political disturbance because the president cheated during the election. The people want her to resign immediately but the president wants to complete her term of office.

    The political problem is affecting the economy. Some businessmen do not want to invest in our country. The tourist do not want to visit the Philippines because they are afraid about the problems on kidnapping and the rebels called “Abu Saraf”

    The number of foreign residents is low in comparison with other countries. The foreigners are here to study or establish business. The tuition fees in schools and the salaries of the employees are low in comparison with the United States and European countries

    Today, there are many teachers, nurses, doctors, engineers and therapists who are leaving the country to work in other countries because the salary is higher and they speak the English language well.

    In spite of our problems, the Filipinos are considered intelligent, creative, kind, hospitable, happy with sense of humor and patient.


    Filipinas es un país democrático. La gente puede marchar en las calles para protestar si tiene permiso del municipal. Hay libertad para decir contra el presidente. A veces, cuando la gente no coge permiso para protestar contra el gobierno, las policías usan manga de fuego para les dispersarse.

    Ahora, hay disturbios de política porque el presidente defraudó durante la elección. La gente le quiere resignarse inmediatamente pero el presidente quiere completar el término de oficina.

    El problema de político esta afectando la economía. Algunos negociantes no quieren investir en nuestro país. Los turistas no quieren visitar las Filipinas porque tienen miedo sobre el problema de secuestro y los rebeldes se llama “Abu Sayaf”.

    El número de residentes extranjeros es bajo en comparación con otros países. Los extranjeros están aquí para estudiar o establecer los negocios. Las matriculas en la escuela y el salario por los empleados es mas barato en comparación con estados unidos y países de europeo.

    Hoy, hay muchos maestros, enfermeras, médicos, ingenieros y terapeutas quien están saliendo el país para trabajar en el otro país porque el salario es más alto y hablan el idioma ingles bien.

    A pesar de nuestros problemas, los filipinos se consideran inteligentes, creativos, amables, hospitalarios, alegres, con sentido del humor y pacienciosos.
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    I hope this helps.
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    Muchas Gracias Alundra para su ayuda!
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    Pure curiosity - about the Philipine language - appearently a lot of the names are spanish, but is this also their spoken langauage?

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    No. Our native language is Tagalog. There are some spanish words included in our language because we were under the Spanish regime for many years and we have adopted some of their culture.
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    My two cents/penn'th.
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    Muchas gracias Pedro!
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    In the southern part of the Philippines, called Mindanao, theres one place there that speaks spanish. Well, its more of a good mix of spanish. The dialect is called Chavacano. It is the dialect of the natives of Zamboanga :D

    In addition to what chut said, we filipinos are very well mannered and hospitable. We are God-fearing and very family oriented. We are the types who laughs at lifes cruelties and is always looking at the brighter side of life :)

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