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    I am wondering how to say "confined to" in Romanian. I know that "confined" can be expressed by words such as "limitat", "restrâns", "mărginit" and the like, but I can't find how to link these words to the rest of the sentence. I was thinking of the preposition "la", i.e. "limitat/restrâns la ceva", but I couldn't find any text where I could confirm whether this usage is correct. I have seen the preposition "între" used after "restrâns" to mean something like "restricted between certain boundaries" but that is a different meaning, presenting a range. I am looking for the meaning closer to "merely consist of" as in, for example "his social interaction is confined to small-talk with colleagues at work and now and then encounters with the neighbors". I am hoping someone can suggest what phrase would be appropriate in such a context.

    Thank you in advance
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    Context is always the key :)

    confined to his quarters -> trimis în camera lui (pedepsit/forţat să stea in camera lui)
    confined his remarks to a few words-> şi-a limitat/mărginit comentariile/remarcile numai la câteva cuvinte

    Note, 2nd case: even though in English it's OK w/o only after to, in Romanian I had to add numai (only, in this case) to make it sound right. I guess it works w/o numai, but it sounds better with.

    I wouldn't use restrâns in any of the two examples above.

    Let's hope irinet will bring up the rear with some more details :)

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    This one is for you only!
    You are the best interpreter of this kind of questions. I'll be all 'ears' instead. :p
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    ... se rezumă la ... se limitează la ...
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