The picture is not clear/blurred

My mom sent my a picture . It was not clear. So what should be used:

Send the picture again as it is not clear/blurred .

What should be used here:blurred/clear?
Thank you:)
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    Please give us some context. If you're referring to a photograph, was it sent electronically, or is it on paper?


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    What you mean would be clearer if you describe the image as blurred. But if she sends the same picture again, I imagine the chances are that it will be exactly the same as the first time?


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    As general guidance, it is better to use the negative word (blurred) rather than negate the positive word (not clear)

    It is not hot is not as good as It is cool/it is warm.
    It is not big
    is not as good as It is small/it is medium-sized.


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    I think "blurred" (or "blurry") is better than "not clear". It is more specific: it says the exact problem.

    As said above, she will have to take the picture again, not just send it again.

    Knowing it was "blurred" tells her the problem: that the camera was moving.


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    Maybe the reason wasn't camera movemen. There are many reasons why a picture might not be sharp*. If it was out of focus, say that. If there was dirt on the lens, say that. It is (almost) always better to use a precise word rather than a general one.

    *Probably better than "clear" in this context.
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