The plots mentioned previously

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  1. Pospana Member

    القطع من الأرض المذكورة
    (i.e. the plots mentioned previously...)

    my question concerns the adjective in the phrase, more specifically, if
    is all right, if it refers to the plots and not the land? that is, can an adjective become separated from the corresponding known and also carry a definite article as it does here? hope I'm making sense
  2. AndyRoo Senior Member

    Hi it would be okay but الأرض is feminine, so you need to change it;

    القطع المذكورة من الأرض
  3. Pospana Member

    I put the feminine form, too :) so, the adjective must be attached directly to the noun, it cannot "float away" in a case like this? are there any exceptions to the rule?
  4. cherine

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    Arabic (Egypt).
    It's easy to separate the adjective from its noun when the grammatical gender of the 2 parts of the iDaafa is not the same. But with the case here, it's better to keep the adjective after the word.

    Yet, I believe there's no worry here, because القطع refers to الأرض, so there's no problem if the المذكورة refers to either.

    قطع الأرض المذكورة سابقًا/ آنفًا

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