the position of already in the end of the sentence


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Hi everyone,
Hi everyone,
I'm sure about the first two following sentences (i.e they are bothcorrect). My question is whether the third one is correct or not?
1-"I have already packed my suitcase for the trip"2- " I have packed my siutcase already for the trip"
3-"I have packed my suitcase for the trip already"
thanks in advance
  • Andygc

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    All three are possible.
    The first is normal English, with the adverb close to the verb it modifies.
    The second is clumsy, and I would not expect a native speaker to use it.
    The third is more natural than the second.

    The second sentence would be natural English if it was "I have packed my suitcase ready for the trip", but that has a different meaning.