The possessive pronouns of neuter

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    What are the possessive pronouns of neuter in Genitive, Prepositional, Dative and Instrumental cases?

    For example the interrogative possessive чей is чьё in both Nom and Acc. But in Gen, Prep, Dat and Instr?

    The мой is моё in Nom and Acc, and the reflexive possessive pronoun свой is своё in Nom and Acc. What about in the other cases?
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    In the order you listed: чьего́, чьём, чьему́, and чьим; моего́, моём, моему́, and мои́м. Remember this rule: In the Genitive, Dative, Instrumental, and prepositional cases, the neuter singular is ALWAYS the same as the masculine singular. This applies to all nouns, adjectives, pronouns, etc.
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    Thank you Drink. I had noticed it, but I was wondering...
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