The potbellied stove in the kitchen


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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to find the translation for : "The potbellied stove in the kitchen", The context is a description of a rundown house, with a primitive aspect, and I know each word but I'm not sure we can say : "une cuisinière ventrue/bedonnante".

Here's the whole sentence , "So for all these years the house has kept its barebone look: the iron bedsteads, the potbellied stove in the kitchen, the cracked ceilings and walls, the gray painted floors. "

Thank you very much for your help!
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    I like "cuisinière ventrue", but then you have a repetition if you say "cuisinière ventrue dans la cuisine".
    You might use "fourneau" instead of "cuisinière".


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    Thank you very much for your quick help!

    I thought these adjectives were appropriate only for a human being and not for something like a stove.
    I eventually chose "fourneau rondouillard".

    Also, thank you for the image, it's always very good to learn something! :)
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