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    So, for instance, a simple verb like 먹다 (to eat), in its dictionary form.

    In some places, i saw this verb in the present tense written like this

    1- 먹어요

    In other places, like this

    2- 먹는다

    Which they say is the written form, and the spoken form 먹어. In both cases, it's different from 먹어요

    So which form is correct? 1 or 2? What's the difference between the two?
  2. Rainnana Member

    South Korea
    Actually they are both correct.
    First, 먹어요 is 존댓말 form. You know 반말 and 존댓말 right?? And 먹어 is 반말 form of 먹어요.
    They are used when telling someone to eat. Like : **, 밥 먹어요(in this case we use 드세요 more often because it's 존댓말.) / **야 밥 먹어
    And also it's used when saying that you're eating 저 지금 밥 먹어요/ 나 지금 밥 먹어.
    Last, it's used when talking with somebody or to yourself about your habit like :저는 *시에 밥을 먹어요/나는 *시에 밥을 먹어./저는 *에서 밥을 먹어요.

    And 먹는다 is 반말 and has two meanings.
    It is used when telling someone that you're going to eat like "나 이제 밥 먹는다~" or something.
    And also used with the same meaning of the third meaning of 먹어요. Like 나는 *시에 밥을 먹는다./ 나는 *에서 밥을 먹는다. It's kinda like..monoloque? Not used when talking with somebody else.

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