the principle of the sloping horizon (archeology)


Any archeologists around? Know what the term "the principle of the sloping horizon" means in the following context?

"Cultural evolution was multilinear and not always evenly paced in each line. Both homotaxis and the principle of the sloping horizon as regards the diffusions are demonstrable in the archeological record. Certain cultural lines did not contain each of the levels of an ideally complete ascending classificatory scheme."
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    According to Wikipedia:

    "An archaeological horizon is a widely disseminated period of common art and artifacts at an archaeological site or, more usually, over a larger geographic area, and is a distinctive level in that site's or area's archaeological sequence.[1]"

    In a scholarly article on radiocarbon dating, I found the following:

    "It offers solution to the problems of `sloping horizons' associated with time lag and overlap in the outward spread of cultures."

    Maybe this will help somewhat.