...the project is on the roll as <easy><easily> as 123.


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The speaker usually starts working on a project as soon as all their replies are approved.

Sample sentences:

PLease feel free to register on our new website; you can post quotes on it and I am happy to reply on them; if you approve all my replies, the project is on the roll as <easy><easily> as 123.


What should be used in this case "easy" or "easily"?

Thanks a lot for any comments, corrections or suggestions!

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    I agree with Glenfarcas. "As easy as 123" and "as easy as pie" are set expressions.


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    "On the roll" is not, however, a colloquial English expression. There is a similar expression "on a roll," but it is never with "the" and has a different meaning that does not fit here. Perhaps you mean "rolling?"
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