The prose sings immediately right from the first page

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Her agent, Wade, showed the book to Alexandra Pringle, editor-in-chief at Bloomsbury, who is also Donna Tartt's editor. "The prose sings immediately right from the first page," Ms Pringle said.
(Quoted from an English reading comprehension exercise from China)

I am not sure if the red part above is an English slang or not. I guess it may mean" The book is very satisfying from the first page.". Am I right?

Thanks very much!
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    A standard term for this odd use of words is "a figure of speech". Prose (text) cannot "sing", so "sings" is a figure of speech in this text.

    In English, anyone can invent and use a "figure of speech" at any time. Just using normal words in correct ways is way too boring!:)

    Some slang phrases and idioms start as figures of speech, invented by one person and copied by other people. Once they reach a point where everyone uses them, they are "idioms". If many people use them but many others consider them incorrect, they are "slang".
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