The Protestant Reformation <took flight> on disgust at a church...

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What does "take flight" in the following context mean? I looked it up in the dictionary and the only meaning offered is "run away or escape," but that doesn't make sense here. My understanding of the following quoted sentences is that the French Revolution took place because of the revulsion of... and the Protestant reformation happened because of the disgust ..." So what does "take flight" actually mean here?

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"Religious hypocrites are an easy and eternal mark. The French Revolution was driven in part by the revulsion of starving peasants toward the overfed clerics who had taken vows of poverty. The Protestant Reformation took flight on disgust at a church in Rome that sold passages to heaven, enriching men who had multiple mistresses after taking vows of chastity. "
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    In other words, it attracted many followers. That was the reason (or a large part of the reason) for its success in gathering followers.
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