(the) pure Fabrizia

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A detective fails to talk an obsessed woman out of committing a suicide, and she jumps out of the window. Then his voice-over:
-- When I tell Fabrizia [probably his girlfriend] about the suicide blonde, she begs me to take her to the apartment. Her reaction is pure Fabrizia. Death and sex... what a turn-on.
The Number 23, movie

The apartment's walls were all covered with papers with obsessive stuff written on them. And the detective with the girlfriend had some passionate sex there.

The question is shouldn't it be "the pure Fabrizia"? Because when a person's name is used with an adjective an article is used too.

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    Her blouse is a red blouse.
    Her blouse is red.
    Her reaction is a pure Fabrizia reaction.
    Her reaction is pure Fabrizia.


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    It's not a version of Fabrizia - the younger Fabrizia, the Fabrizia I once knew - it's her name used as descriptive of things she does.
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