(the) reviews were unkind


While Dumb and Dumber To performed well at the box office, earning about $130 million over its budget, reviews were unkind.
Why Hollywood Won't Cast Jim Carrey Anymore, video by Looper

In your opinion, shouldn't there be the definite article there, since those are specific reviews? In mine, there should.

Thank you.
  • VicNicSor

    It's optional.

    While it made a lot of money, critics hated it. [I remember you did too, when I asked questions on this movie here:D] (Another optional "the")
    But "critics" here would be taken as "some critics", not necessarily "all". While with "reviews", he refers to all the reviews, as a category (even though not literally all the reviews were unkind):confused:


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    Not all critics reviewed the movie. Not all reviews were unkind. As JS says, it's the same basic concept. "The" is optional in both cases.
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